As hot rodders, we generally hate rules. However, since our insurance man, the grounds owners and the local authorities kind of make us behave, we have to have some rules to live by.

Pets - Pet Policy will be revised for our new venue.  for now...this was our old one....We really we prefer that you don't bring them. Will we kick you out? Probably not, but we will ask that you do not bring them in the main show area during busy times of the show.  It is hot, there are thousands of people...not really a good idea.  YOU are responsible for your pet.  Not picking up after them...immediate removal from the event.  If they bite someone....we will certainly file a report for insurance purposes.  Vendors and campers, please try to keep your pets in your space.

Kids - This is a family event, however the late night bands mean an adult party.  They are absolutely welcome and we do have a very nice playground in the campground, however, please keep an eye on them after hours.

Food/Beverages - We prefer you purchase on site to support our wonderful venue and vendors.  This show is paid for by admission and concessions.  The more you spend on site, the more that can be built and bought to make the event better for you.  Bring what you want as a camper but no cooler carry ins or glass bottles please. To be honest, it sometimes is just easier to buy food and drink on site. Our prices are very reasonable.  We do offer breakfast too! 100% of all profit made on all beverages goes right back into the facility.  We also do not allow carry-ins to the main show area or any of the band areas.  We won't mind you carrying cans or bottles that are sold on site, but your own beverage containers and glass bottles are a big no-no.  

Parking your ride - Show cars are allowed to stay on site all weekend. As long as they are not parking someone in, or in a fire lane or somewhere that is not cool, we are fine with it.  You can keep your ride in your campsite too if you wish.  Late models, tow vehicles, etc....park them in spectator parking if you can to make more space in the campground. This helps us with congestion.  

We do not have a car corral. You can put a for sale sign in your vehicle anywhere.  General car show parking area works great as a car corral if you don't wish to park in the main show area, and it is FREE!

Photography - Please take as many photos as you wish for your own private use and sharing. We encourage you to share on Facebook and elsewhere. However, FOR PROFIT photography is NOT allowed without permission from Symco Shakedown Promotions.  You need to purchase a vendor package or get permission prior to the event to do paid photo shoots or sell any photos you take during the event.  Spectator admission does not give you photography rights for profit.  We do give press passes and allow photography for magazines/newspapers. That is not our concern and you will get permission from us no problem.  If you plan on charging someone to do a photo shoot at this event, or selling prints from your website after the event, you need permission. This is a PRIVATE venue and all private property laws pertain.  We do not go to other photographer's photo shoots and solicit uninvited for paid work, we expect photographers to give us the same respect here. Profiting from our venue without paying back in some way is unprofessional. 

Camping rules are posted in each section at the show. Pretty easy rules to follow. There are some questions and answers in the ATTEND menu under Camping as well. 

Pick up after yourself - We shouldn't even need to say it.  There are a dumpsters located throughout the facility as well as hundreds of garbage cans.  The staff that empties cans is from our venue!  Help them out and toss your stuff in the dumpster!  If you don't have a garbage bag and need one, please ask our staff for one.  Please sort out recyclables if you can.

There will be absolutely no flame throwing allowed anywhere other than designated areas and times.   Unsafe flame throwing on the grounds in any fashion will be immediate removal from our event.

Private Golf carts/Scooters/UTVs/Mini Bikes/Handicap scooters, etc - We allow use of any personal riding vehicle providing you register it with us and show us you have liability insurance for it. Handicap scooters and such must show proof that your handicap requires use of one, if you do not have insurance for it. Any unsafe behavior, you get ONE warning, second warning you will get your wristband taken and your vehicle removed from the facility.

We have police on duty.  We ask you follow all state and local we really have to say this?!?

We have EMT on duty during peak show times.  If you have an emergency, contact a staff member ASAP or dial 911.  

Show hours are from 8am to 11pm.  We may restrict vehicle and foot traffic in the main show area during non-show hours. 

No arguing, fighting or general negative behavior. This is a PRIVATE event and you will lose your right to be here if you get nasty with any spectator, staff member or volunteer.  

Our hot rod nose art panel brought $750 for the Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services of Oshkosh!

Thanks to VooDoo Larry for bringing both the VooDoo Sahara and The VooDoo Hawaiian to the 2016 Shakedown!




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