Rules for vintage camping:

Absolutely no late model vehicles allowed to park permanently in the vintage camping area. Use for unloading only. We prefer any vehicles in your site to meet show criteria.  

1970 and older campers. We will make exception if you have a new reproduction Shasta Airflite or another camper that it out of the year range but absolutely will fit in because of the look. Most 70's Airstreams for example are near identical to the mid to late 60's. Blue striped, more modern Airstreams however do not fit.  If you do have a 1971 or newer camper that you think fits this bill, you MUST contact us with photos for approval. Vintage canvas tents are allowed, or canvas army tents that have the old design.  We now have room for larger vintage campers. 

This area IS PART OF THE SHOW!  No newer tents or easy up style canopies.  We expect this area to look as old school as the main show area.  If possible, find yourself some old aluminum framed lawn chairs and use them instead of newer style cloth folding chairs.  Try to make your site look the part as you do your hot rod.   We expect you to put on a good display for spectators.  You will see many spectators walking though this area, so please keep your camping gear secure and your site tidy.  If you have a messy site, you will be warned to clean it up. If you do not, you may be asked to move out to the overflow camping area. 

Do not camp or park in any isles or areas that we need to get maintenance vehicles through. 

We prefer you are able to set up before Thursday and leave Sunday morning. You can set up as early as 8am, Wednesday, Aug 10! You get a camping discount and special treatment to camp in this area, so we expect you to put in a little extra effort to make this area look the part. Leaving creates an empty site, that isn't what we want.  If you have an emergency during the show, we will allow teardown before Sunday. Everything is first come, first serve. We do not expect to fill this area, but for some chance we do, we will provide you a camping spot in the general camping or overflow camping area as close as we can.  We will do our best to make sure everyone that wants to get in this area does get in this area.



Our hot rod nose art panel brought $750 for the Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services of Oshkosh!

Thanks to VooDoo Larry for bringing both the VooDoo Sahara and The VooDoo Hawaiian to the 2016 Shakedown!


Our 2016 event

Drink a Schlitz!

Get free Schlitz stuff at our show!

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