Online reservations are closed for 2016.  Just show up at our main entrance and we do sell camping and vending spaces during the show. We do not run out of room, we have a HUGE campground! 

If you wish to purchase tickets in person, you can either get them at the gate or:

Purchase weekend passes:

in Oshkosh at Atomickatz

In Neenah at Metro Motorcycle

in Green Bay at Rock N Roll Land!

Again, we sell tickets at the gate for everything. You do not have to have advance reservations...however, next year, you may want to for an early bird discount. Please do not call us asking if we have vending space or camping space available.......we do! 


The registration system is the same as last year. If you have an account, log in and the 2016 info will come up under the ATTEND menu.  If you do not have an account, created one and follow the instructions below.  


If you have any problems, please call (920)540-4576.

Steps to purchase weekend admission, sign up for our staff, get a campsite or vending space:

FIRST - CREATE AN ACCOUNT ON THIS SITE AND/OR LOG INTO YOUR ACCOUNT.  Click on the Login menu on the very top of this page.  If you don't have an account, there will be a link for you to create one.  When you fill out the registration form and hit "Register", it will send you an email which you have to open and click on the link to verify your email. Once your account is turned on by this verification, you are able to log into the website and purchase registration. 

NEXT - Under the ATTEND - BUY TICKETS/CAMPING/VENDING menu, there will be an option that says "Registration for 2016"  Go to this page and you will see your contact information listed.  At the bottom of this page, there will be a questions asking if you want to register for 2016.  Click YES and it will walk you through our registration process.

Once you are complete with your order, and click "REGISTER" You must complete the second page with payment confirmation to complete your registration.  If you mess up, you can do this system as many times as you need but it will ONLY charge your credit/debit card by completing the payment portion. 

LAST - Verify your registration by going to  ATTEND - BUY TICKETS/CAMPING/VENDING - View My Registration.

Any problems or questions, please call (920)540-4576 or message our Facebook page(there is a link in the upper left that takes you to our page). If you make a mistake, don't worry, we can easily fix it on our end. This new system has been very helpful in keeping our registration organized and saving us hundreds of hours of work. 


The new venue will allow us to have daily camping. Daily sites are available during the event, we only have weekend packages available for advance purchase.

You can come set up your camp site as early as Wednesday, Aug 10 at 8am! 

For camping and vendor general info, go to the ATTEND menu above.  There is more info about each type of registration by clicking on the submenus.  General spectator info is under the ATTEND menu as well.

All Shakedown Admission is a-la carte, meaning your camping/vending space does NOT come with admission.  We do this because some people may need multiple spaces but only need one or two admissions.  

We do not sell daily admission in advance, only weekend admission. Any discounts available are taken at the gate only. Advance tickets are already discounted. Only one discount per person.

Vintage Camping is available in a special part of the show.  It is separate from the general camping and IS PART OF THE SHOW! We expect you to have a clean and neat display for everyone to enjoy. You can pull your camper in with any vehicle you wish, but we do  not allow modern vehicles to park in your site. We want to look like we are camping in 1959, not 2009!  We prefer you camp for the entire three days if you would like to be part of our vintage camping display.  We will try to accommodate late arrivals, but we can not guarantee you a spot as they are first come, first serve this year. Plan on coming Thursday if at all possible, or sooner. Vintage camping is $50 for the entire show.  We will allow vintage campers to set up as early as Monday. There will be no charge for early setup.   

Non powered sites: $25 per day. Campers can come as early as Wednesday. Advance FOUR day non-powered camping passes are $50, powered sites are $100 In advance only.  PREREGISTRATION WILL CLOSE AUGUST 3 AND CAN BE PURCHASED AT THE EVENT WITH NO DISCOUNT.

Full hookup campsites have electrical and water hookups. The sites we are using this year do NOT have sewer hookups but we do have a FREE dump station on site. There is a $20 per day surcharge for power/water sites.  Powered sites are available first come, first serve. We do not expect to run out, but we will announce when and if they are full.

Swap meet spaces are priced exactly as campsites and are located on the north end of our campground. You can camp in your site and you can come for one day, or the whole show, just purchase your site based on when you will be here.  They are actual camp sites and are right next to spectator parking for ease of loading and unloading for spectators.  

Commercial vending costs start at $100 for outdoor and $150 for indoor.




Our hot rod nose art panel brought $750 for the Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services of Oshkosh!

Thanks to VooDoo Larry for bringing both the VooDoo Sahara and The VooDoo Hawaiian to the 2016 Shakedown!


Our 2016 event

Drink a Schlitz!

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