THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE TO SHOW YOUR RIDE. General admission allows you access to park your show vehicle in any of our designated areas.

ALL VEHICLES 1975 AND OLDER ARE WELCOME - We have three separate parking areas depending on what you bring.

THIS IS NOT A RAT ROD SHOW. The Shakedown is a TRADITIONAL HOT ROD AND CUSTOM SHOW. Meaning you must have a vehicle modified to look pre-1965. However, we do not turn anyone away and have a special parking area for friends of the show.

We ask that you respect others and do not try to park in an area not designated for your vehicle.

FRIENDS PARKING(FORMERLY VIP PARKING) area is for specialty vehicles not falling into the traditional hot rod or traditional custom classification. We ask that you keep to 1975 and older for that area please. It is up to the gate staff to allow other vehicles newer than 1975. We may allow exceptions for special factory vehicles such as a 1987 Buick Grand National or a newer Corvette. We generally don't allow tuner cars or newer lifted trucks, but you may find our large spectator parking lot offers room to park in groups and hold your own car show.  We have a significantly nicer and larger area for general show car parking with our venue change.  Expect to feel like part of the show now. 

SHAKEDOWN CAR SHOW area is for rides meeting SHOW CRITERIA. Basically, old school style hot rods and traditional customs 1964 and older. No newer wheels, or newer style modifications allowed. We do allow some minor changes such as radial tires and disc brakes.  Consult our criteria for more info.

TRADITIONAL HOT ROD & CUSTOM SHOWCASE area is in front of the Pioneer Airport hangers. This area is for 100% visually era correct hot rods and customs. You will be parked next to dozens of vintage planes. No radial tires, no chevy 350's, no disc brakes....we are showcasing what real hot rods and customs were like back before 1964.  This is an invite only section.  If you would like to apply for this area, send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Include detailed photos of your ride and a detailed description of it.  Original, unrestored hot rods are welcome as well as specialty factory vehicles. Race cars and other vehicles are welcome in this section as well. You will get free weekend admission and an invite to a special reception on Thursday evening. Your ride must be able to take part in the entire show, delivering on Thursday and leaving it in this area until last Saturday evening or Sunday morning.  If you wish to create a display for your vehicle you may. This is a display area and a sign board telling about your car is acceptable.  


If you have a question if your ride will get into our main show area or not, post photos of it on our Facebook page and we will help you with it if others can't. 

Even our staff follows the rules, so please be respectful.  


Our hot rod nose art panel brought $750 for the Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services of Oshkosh!

Thanks to VooDoo Larry for bringing both the VooDoo Sahara and The VooDoo Hawaiian to the 2016 Shakedown!




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