Please help us support the Christine Ann Center!


We are donating a HAND PAINTED nose art panel for auction. 100% of the proceeds are going to the center!  See it in the vendor pavilion and bid on it during our awards ceremony at 6pm, Aug 13th.


Here’s the link to the donation/volunteer page:


They are always looking for volunteers to help around the shelter especially to help with children’s programs and for respite in the summer.  And (any time of the year) they love having guests come and teach a “Self-Care” class:  An art class, jewelry making, cooking class, yoga, container gardening… anything to help their clients find a hobby or just give them something fun to do.  


We will give you a free gift from the Shakedown for bringing a donation to the show for them.


This is the current (immediate) needs list:


·         Large Rubbermaid-type bins to help keep their space organized

·         Paper products: TP and paper towel

·         Baby monitors so mom’s can leave the room when their little ones are napping.

·         Grocery and gas gift cards, often times the abuser will cut off all access to finances as a means of control.  Many clients do not qualify for financial assistance (on paper) yet because their abuser controlled the money they cannot afford to put gas in their car, buy prescriptions or groceries. (while we do have donated dry goods to help supplement, shelter clients all supply and cook their own meals)

·         Art supplies for adults (such as Mandala Coloring books) and kids. In an abusive home everyone is so focused on the abuser’s needs that many times moms and kids haven’t had quality bonding time, our family dynamics program give mom’s time to reconnect with their children.  We find that through art children open up and are able to start to cope with what they’ve been going through. 

·         Juice (please do not bring frozen or refrigerated juice to the show)

·         Frozen meats (not recommended to bring to the show)

·         Allergy medications

·         Sun Screen

Our hot rod nose art panel brought $750 for the Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services of Oshkosh!

Thanks to VooDoo Larry for bringing both the VooDoo Sahara and The VooDoo Hawaiian to the 2016 Shakedown!


Our 2016 event

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